Innocent Words Video PREMIERE: The Bohannons “Smoke and Ashes”

Innocent Words is proud to be premeiring the Bohannons new video “Smoke and Ashes” from the new album.

Watch the video here :

“I used to frequent a little greasy spoon here in Chattanooga called the Southern,” Marty Bohannon said. “One of the regulars there was a mail carrier who I noticed when he wasn’t eating would make hand motions like he was cording a piano. I asked and he confessed he was the touring piano player for Tom T. Hall all through the 70’s and 80’s. Of course I flipped, having the last name Bohannon and all. We spent the next few weeks talking about Tom, touring and inspiration. He once told me Tom ‘write in the moment’ and the ‘story was there if you look into the details’. I left there that day with the intention of finding a story, and ‘Smoke and Ashes’ unfolded just a few moments later.”