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Holiday Gunfire began in 2017 when longtime friends and seasoned Birmingham, Alabama

musicians, Lester Nuby III (Verbena), Jason Hamric (Twinside), Craig Ceravolo (Great Lakes)

and Michael Williams (13 Ghosts), were enjoying an Independence Day celebration. Some

celebrate with copious libations and vittles, others shoot off fireworks and sparklers, still others

take to the backyard with their trusty firearm of choice. A quaint pull of the trigger of your

favorite 12 gauge emits a raucous festivity of sound and exuberance -- a cacophony of gun

powder-fueled bliss, much like their debut offering, ________________.

A warm yet familiar rattle and hum of heavy bass licks with relentless trap slapping drenched in

two guitars and comforting vocals, just good ol’ wholesome rock’n’roll like your Momma was

always scared you’d be into. Pop ethos with ample smatterings of indie fuzz and Southern Gothic

scuzz, Nuby and Hamric’s guitars create a barrage of melodies and multi-layered soundscapes

while Williams’ thunderous drums and Ceravolo’s bass form the band’s music into perfectly

digestible pop nugget… and solos for days, I might add!

Throwing back to Fugazi-esque on “Fake It” and reaching forward to new sonic soundscapes at

the same time with the follow up “She’s Got A Machine”. Touching on razor sharp hooks and

shoe gaze solos Holiday Gunfire is nostalgic with a brand new car smell. These 8 songs are a new

beginning for some veteran South Eastern rock and rollers, fortuitous and melodic, a powerful

record that seems sweet until it punches you in the face and steals your wallet, but not without a

wink and smile, polished and politely unapologetic. It’s every bit intriguing as it sounds.