Brad armstrong


Brad Armstrong was a principal songwriter and producer of the critically successful and financially disastrous band 13ghosts, which released 6 full length albums between 2002 and 2012 with Birmingham-based Skybucket Records and Atlanta-based This Is American Music.  He has been a contributing member of the Dexateens from 2008 to the present.   In 2014 Armstrong moved his family to the Hudson Valley and finished mixing the record he had written and tracked in Birmingham. “Empire” features a lead vocal and harmonies by Maria Taylor (of Azure Ray) and was released by Cornelius Chapel Records in 2016.  It had syncs on ABC’s “Nashville” and Audience Network’s “Kingdom” (starring Nick Jonas), including a prominent callback at the open of the Kindom’s series finale.  Cornelius Chapel Records reissued a remixed and remastered Empire on vinyl in August 2018.   Armstrong is at work on his sophomore solo release, titled “I Got No Place Remembers Me”, to be released by CCR in early 2019.