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Terry Ohms, the solo project and alter ego for Vulture Whale frontman, Wes McDonald will be releasing his fourth offering, A Lot More Than Enough, July 7th, 2017 on Cornelius Chapel Records.

The five song ep covers a varying musical swath; from the extended morphing opener, “Emotional Comeback”, to the piano driven “The Further We Run” and “Ghost”, to the country love of the title track, “A Lot More Than Enough”, capping the ep off with the EDM shorty, “Let’s Go Meet The Neighbors”.

The name Terry Ohms originates from McDonald’s former Athens, GA quartet, The Ohms, who released two albums in the early 2000’s. “We all had Ohms names. I was Terry; and there was Ron Ohms, Lance Ohms, and Guilty Glenn Ohms.” McDonald says.  Now, as the frontman and principle songwriter for Birmingham, AL rock band, Vulture Whale, McDonald uses Terry Ohms to put forth the more eclectic songs that don’t quite fit the mold of a four piece rock band.  

McDonald recorded this album himself and played all the instruments at Terry’s House studio in Birmingham, AL.

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